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Grab your cutest outfit, call your bestie and get ready for to mix things up with the new Grow-mix Program! 💪 Here are more details about our upcoming program:

1)Explore different training styles no matter what your fitness level is
2)Partner up for motivation and support in every workout
3) Challenge yourself by doing the full program all week long

From May 20-25th, get ready to elevate your fitness journey with a ton of fun!


I want us to remember that we're great on our own, but together, we're BETTER! 💖

Launching May 20th - The Grow-mix Program.

Discover different training styles and find what you love!

Are you ready to elevate your fitness journey with me and my workout buddies?

Share this with a friend that you want to do this program with! 💪

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Hi everyone!

I would love to do these without the ads.. suggestion for uploading on the website? 😍

Hi all, I would love it if some more of the walking workouts from YouTube would migrate here so I can avoid the ads! <3  Is there a way to make requests ? 

May 18

Joined today… I need so much inspiration… I NEED to feel well with myself… mentally, physically… I must improve my health!!!🙏

More progress. I am so proud of myself!!! I hope this helps to motivate someone else. We can do this!!!!💪💪

Kirra!! can you make a sitting dumb bell workout video? 


Holding myself accountable in more ways then one. I'm only in my 3rd week in my journey. And I worked out consistently in my first week and a half and then a toothache took me down. I was in so much pain even just staying awake was a chore. I got really upset with myself but then remembered to be kind to me. I took action right away and I'm on the mend already ready to keep going. Thanks to my dentist! And it gave me more time to hydrate to help with my tooth infection while taking my medication. And because I didn't procrastinate I can continue my consistency. Just wanted to rant but say thanks to this community I know I can take care of myself in many different aspects of my life