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Motivation & Accountability

Everyone should have access to someone who is rooting for them, and a community that is going through the same struggles. Your journey may feel lonely and uncertain now, but that will all fade away as soon as you see how supportive and encouraging the growwithjo Home Community is.

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"I lost 50lbs with consistency!"

“I finally hit my goal weight 🙌🏾! I was over 200 lbs for 5 years due to a dark and deep depression, but I finally said enough is enough. I lost 50 pounds in the past 7 months and I did it by staying consistent with my diet and exercising.”

Rene Simmons - GWJ Home Member

"40lbs down & proud!" 

“I was 5 months PP and in denial that I had PPD. I was severely unhealthy and pre-diabetic. I knew it was time for a change. I started consistently working out with Jo in January. I had a high risk pregnancy, traumatic labor and delivery, and now in my PP journey. I am down 40 lbs and no longer pre-diabetic. I am but so very proud of my progress!”

Kaitlin Hargett - GWJ Home Member

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"I was just doing 10-15 mins!"

“I was doing just 3 days (a week) 10-15 minutes and gradually worked up to it for 4 months because of my back pain, which is now gone! 63lbs down”

Michelle Wilkins - GWJ Home Member

"I've been consistent for 5 Months with the schedule"

I'm 30 and a mom of three. I started with Jo's videos on YouTube but didn't stay consistent for very long. Then I (started) growwithjo home and I thought - new year new me for real this time. Now I've been consistent for 5 months with the schedule and started adding the 10min ab restore to my workouts. And for those who stress about the scale number, mine has stayed pretty much the same since I started, but the results speak for themselves"

Helerin P - GWJ Home Member

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