My Tried & True Weight Loss Hack...

After my first pregnancy, I had gained 50lbs and felt so lost in my body... As a new momma going to the gym just didn't fit my lifestyle or desires. So I decided to do something fun and sustainable so it would fit into my new lifestyle. This is when walking workouts strolled into my life. I want you to join me in this new 3-week challenge to Walk the Weight off! Drop me your email below to sign up for FREE!

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Walking into Empowerment

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"March 2023 vs February 2024! ❤️ Fitness forever lifestyle for me lost over 80lbs"

Jana Nicole Cooney

Walk the Weight Off

This style of walking workouts helped me lose upwards of 50lbs and get my glow back. You won't have to take a step into a gym or on a treadmill. Take your first step from the comfort of your own home & walk with me today! 

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​​More Than Just Walking

​​Come for the walks, stay for addictingly fun workouts & results. 

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